World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor


By fang and feather, explore the vibrant lands of Kalimdor!

Join famed hunter Rexxar, his animal companions, and Horde Ambassador Zekhan as they make the perilous journey across the lush and vivid reaches of Kalimdor to learn the secrets of the realm. Leave no stone unturned and no tracks unfollowed as Rexxar and Zekhan reveal lore, insights, equipment, and breathtaking landscapes from the ramparts of Orgrimmar to the golden plains of Mulgore to the wilds of Un'Goro Crater - and share one final kindness with a friend along the way.

Featuring stunning, immersive artwork and new insights crafted by Blizzard's own loremaster, Sean Copeland, Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor is your next step in a remarkable journey across Azeroth.

  • Exploring Azeroth book series
  • 10.2" x 8.1" x 0.7"
  • 144 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • Author: Sean Copeland
  • Officially Licensed