Blizzard Miniature Plush Blind Pack


The Blizzard Miniature Plush Clip-On Blind Pack are shrouded in mystery.

Each blind plush pack contains 1 randomly-selected plush from a possibility of 5 different characters across your favorite games. Characters include World of Warcraft Penguin battle pet, Diablo Treasure Goblin, World of Warcraft Chicken pet, World of Warcraft Murloc, or Overwatch 2 Akari's Fox.

Each includes a metal clip-on ring. so these adorable plushies can be used as a keychain, attached to purses, added on backpacks as hangers or hooked anywhere so you can take them with you anywhere you go!

Collect all five!

Note: Specific designs cannot be requested. All sales final. No refunds, exchanges, or returns for this item.

  • 5 in tall
  • 98% Polyester 2% Metal
  • Ages 4+
  • Blizzard Direct Product