Overwatch 2 Pop Up Parade Tracer Figurine


Unveil the dynamic spirit of Overwatch with the Overwatch 2 Pop Up Parade Tracer Figurine, a masterpiece sculpted by the talented Magical Girl ☆ Haruyuki. Standing at approximately 170mm (6.69 inches), this figurine captures the essence of Tracer, the spunky and time-warping hero. Manufactured by the renowned Good Smile Company, this meticulously crafted figurine showcases Tracer in her iconic pose, ready for action with her pulse pistols and infectious enthusiasm.

From the vibrant colors to the attention to detail in Tracer's sleek armor, every aspect reflects the energy and vivacity of this beloved character. As a painted plastic complete product, it comes with a stand for easy display, making it a striking addition to any Overwatch collection. Immerse yourself in the Overwatch universe with the Overwatch 2 Pop Up Parade Tracer Figurine, a testament to Good Smile Company's commitment to delivering quality and capturing the essence of in-game heroes like Tracer. Get ready to blink into the heart of the action!

  • ABS, PVC
  • 7.9 x 5.5 x 9.4 in
  • Officially Licensed