Diablo - Legends of the Barbarian: Bul-Kathos


At the dawn of Sanctuary, legends were born. Don’t miss this exclusive, original Diablo® graphic novel chronicling the rise of Bul-Kathos, progenitor of the barbarian class, and his ancient charge to defend Mount Arreat. Long before Bul-Kathos became known as the father of barbarians, he was father to only two: his twin children Naarah and Hiram. Naarah followed her father’s path and became a great fighter, but the ways of their tribe never came naturally to Hiram. After years on walkabout, Hiram returns to his family, having discovered a new way . . . and a new power he seeks to claim with his father’s help.

From the Diablo development team and storied author-artist duo John Arcudi and Geraldo Borges comes an unforgettable, stunningly illustrated tale. Legends of the Barbarian: Bul-Kathos is at once the myth of a mighty king whose name was forged in battle and the tragedy of a father who bears a heavy crown.

  • 8 x 1 x 10 in
  • 80 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • Authors: John Arcudi, Geraldo Borges
  • Officially Licensed