World of Warcraft Armor of the Lich King Replica


When Arthas had donned the armor of the Lich King, he had feared that the entity might consume his mind in the process. That had not happened. Arthas' personality had remained in tact and he had ascended to greater power - a power he wielded alongside Ner'zhul. Both of their spirits coexisted within the same physical body.

Introducing the first replica in the World of Warcraft Armory series: Armor of the Lich King. Unleash the dark power of the Lich King with this replica. Bringing the Lich King to life, this replica embodies the might, majesty, and dark legacy of the fallen prince. Join the ranks of the legendary and command the frozen depths with this awe-inspiring collector's item.

  • Poly-stone / PVC / steel
  • 6 x 3.3 x 7.5 in
  • Blizzard Direct Product