World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Northrend


The icy depths of Northrend hold secrets long untold!

Mysterious, beautiful, and uncompromising, the crown of Azeroth is a continent filled with history, struggles, tragedies, and even triumphs. Join Explorers' Leauge cofounder and High Thane Muradin Bronzebeard along with his brothers, Speaker of Azeroth Magni and adventure aficionado Brann, as they journey through the untamed, stormy wilderness of Northrend on a quest of discovery, diplomacy, and reconnection.

From the Scourge-controlled Icecrown Citadel to the violet-hued Crystalsong Forest to the bitter-cold valleys of Dragonblight and the resilient Frostborn of Storm Peaks, Exploring Azeroth: Northrend is your next step in an unforgettable voyage across Azeroth.

  • Exploring Azeroth book series
  • 7.75" x 1" x 10"
  • 168 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • Author: Alex Acks
  • Officially Licensed