Collector’s Edition

Hearthstone Blizzard 30th Anniversary Card Back Collector's Edition Pin

$25.00 $12.50

Elevate your Hearthstone collection from the digital realm to reality with the Hearthstone 30th Card Back Pin! Celebrating three decades of Blizzard Entertainment, this finely crafted and commemorative pin is presented in a stylish windowed box, ideal for displaying on your shelf. The design showcases a meticulously crafted lion's head beneath a prominent number 30 icon logo, embodying the rich legacy of Hearthstone and Blizzard. A must-have for collectors and fans alike, this pin adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your gaming memorabilia. Secure your piece of Blizzard history with this beautifully designed and exclusive 30th-anniversary pin.

  • Collector's Edition
  • 1.12" w x 1.75" h
  • Zinc Alloy with Rubber Back
  • Packaged in window box
  • Blizzard Direct Product