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Customer Product Review FAQ

What criteria is used to moderate reviews?

Product reviews are rejected if they contain:

  • Spam or incoherent text
  • Inappropriate, explicit, or derogatory content
  • Self or third party promotion
  • Links to external websites
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Information not applicable to the product being reviewed
How are reviews sorted?

Reviews are sorted chronologically, displaying the newest reviews first.

When will my review get posted?

Reviews are moderated within 2 weeks of being submitted

Why can't I leave a review?

Customers must be logged in and mush have purchased the specific product they wish to review in order to leave a review

Where will my review show up?
  • If a customer leaves a review on an English language section of the Gear Store, the review will be reflected on that product page across all English language store views; US, UK, EU/EN
  • If a customer leaves a review on the French or German language store views, reviews will only be visible within their respective language sections
How is a product star rating calculated?

Average star rating is calculated across the approved reviews visible in a given language

Will I be notified if my review is approved?

No, we will not contact customers to inform them if their reviews have been posted

Is there any form of compensation for leaving a review?

No compensation of any kind is provided in exchange for reviews

How long do we keep reviews?

Reviews will be kept indefinitely and will be visible as long as the reviewed product is active on the Gear Store

Can I be contacted when I leave a review?
  • Customers who leave reviews may only be contacted by Blizzard Customer Support teams to assist in issue resolution
  • No other user or third party has the ability to contact you
Can I update/delete my review?

At this time reviews cannot be updated or deleted, please contact Customer Support if you have further questions

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