Heroes of the Storm "Viper Ascendant" Limited Edition Art Print


Heroes of the Storm "Viper Ascendant" Limited Edition Art Print

The terrorist organization Viper was not the only criminal paramilitary outfit that desired to conquer the world, but they were definitively the first to do so. Using incredible technological advances and ruthless tactics, they waged war on the world at large for two decades. After the unconditional surrender of the United Nations, they systematically divided the world according to their interests. Now, Viper serves as the united world government’s leadership and military arm, ensuring the populace remains complacent by stamping out insurrections wherever they might take root. Embrace the Viper organization with this limited Heroes of the Storm art print!
  • Art Print: 10" x 17"
  • Matted (2" mat, final frame size 12" x 19")
  • Artists: Ludo Lullabi
  • Limited Edition: 250 with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • SKU: B63521

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