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$6.50 Authenticator - StarCraft 2 Raynor Edition (US Only)

WISHLIST Authenticator for use with your World of Warcraft account or account. This newest design features the StarCraft 2 Raynor art.

Protect your World of Warcraft account with industry leading account security - introducing the Authenticator! The Authenticator is designed as a supplemental authentication method for your World of Warcraft account, giving you the security of Two-Factor authentication. Each time you log in using the Authenticator you are provided with a unique, one-time use password to use in addition to your regular password. Log in with both and you can rest easy knowing that your account is now even more secure from malicious attacks such as keyloggers and trojans.
• Simple and easy to use,– press one button to display the digital code. Setup of the token is simple and takes only a few minutes.
• Small and convenient,– take your token to wherever you play World of Warcraft and know that your account is secure.
• Tough and durable, lasts for years and replacement is easy.
• Provides for the highest account security available in the game industry today.

Please note: Shipping fees have been waived on this product to reduce consumer costs. As a result, shipment tracking is not available and your order can take up 15 business days to arrive. All US authenticator orders will ship via USPS ground delivery. The authenticator may be associated with your World of Warcraft account(s) through Account Management when it is received.

This listing can only be used to ship the Authenticator to destinations within the United States.

Blizzard Entertainment also offers the Mobile Authenticator, an application for your mobile phone that provides the same kind of protection as the physical Authenticator.

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