Is your favorite Overwatch hero Genji?

If so, then we have some great news for you! We are launching a range of Genji merchandise at the Blizzard store. Whether you are looking to buy something for yourself or your favorite Genji fan, these will make amazing gifts. From collectable figurines and clothing to accessories and more, there is something here for everyone who loves this Cyborg Ninja.

You'll soon be able to find everything from hoodies to figurines at the new Blizzard store! These items come in all shapes and sizes so there is something for everyone. There’s even a special limited edition Genji Sword that comes in its sheath! It’s not just about having fun with toys though – we have some cool posters too that feature some amazing artwork inspired by the game itself. We also have an exclusive line of clothing featuring designs based on everyone's favorite Ninja!

Visit us in early 2022 when our selection of Genji merchandise goes live.